Matt Brown should have his own comic book. He already has a really cool nickname he could use. If you love mma, how could you not love Matt Brown?

Matt Brown even looks like a fighter. He is GSP’s opposite. He doesn’t care how he looks on television, he doesn’t care about marketability, he doesn’t care about building a brand. He cares about winning fights. That’s a fighter right there. This guy probably puts chewing tobacco in his mouthpiece before every fight for good luck. If you were lucky enough to watch his season of The Ultimate Fighter, you were able to witness one of my favorite moments. A particularly annoying and brash fighter named Jeremy May decided it would be funny to covertly squeeze lime juice into Matt Brown’s dip. This angered Brown, and instead of getting bent out of shape he simply scolded Jeremy like a child, telling him “don’t be messin with my dip, boy” and “you’re dead.” This amused Brown’s coach Forrest Griffin who decided to put together the Brown/May matchup for the next episode. Brown came out guns blazing and kicked Jeremy May in the head, knocking him out. Poetic justice at its finest.

Matt Brown lost to eventual season 7 winner Amir Sadollah, but once in the UFC Brown was able to rattle off 5 straight wins. Technically there was a loss in there to Dong Hyun Kim via split decision, but it was an awful call so I am counting that as a win to make it sounds more impressive. In 2010 Brown hit a rough spot in his career, losing three fights in a row. All three losses were via submission. The UFC has released fighters for much less of an infraction, but it seems that they saw something in Brown that the rest of us may not have. They were correct, because starting in early 2012 Brown started what would become a six fight win streak. These weren’t wins against top ten welterweights admittedly, but the fashion in which he beat each fighter is really what makes it so impressive. They handed him red-hot prospects and veteran fighters and he dispatched them all just the same. Steven “Wonderboy” Thompson is a great example. Joe Rogan loves this kid and insists that he has some of the most technical striking in all of MMA. Matt Brown must not have got that memo, because he bent “Wonderboy” over his knee and spanked him for 3 rounds, and then sent him to his room to think about what he had done. Along this win streak he also fought Mike “Quick” Swick – The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 OG. Swick was indeed quick, but Brown timed a one-two that put Swick’s lights out and sent him on to a different weight class. Brown was then matched up against another hot prospect in Jordan Mein. Mein had won nine of his last ten fights, and had made an impressive debut in the UFC when he TKOed Dan Miller. This matchup was one of my favorites. Jordan Mein was all over Brown with kicks to the body and punching combinations, dropping him several times and making him wince in pain. Brown was hurt very badly to the body and the referee was watching him closely. Mein took a break, and that was all that Brown needed. He smelled fear, and so he reversed the position and unleashed a barrage of punches from the top, stopping Mein in his tracks. It was an incredible come from behind victory.

Last night Mike Pyle was looking to end this win streak and extend his own, but he failed. Brown came out aggressive and put Pyle away in less than thirty seconds. In his post fight interview Brown asked for a fight with Georges St. Pierre. That might be a little much, because in my opinion St. Pierre would blanket Brown for five rounds with ease. However, you have to admire Brown’s candor. He doesn’t want to make friends, and he doesn’t care about how he looks on camera. He wants to fight, the more dangerous the opponent, the more fun it is for him. Maybe he could beat St. Pierre in the storyline of the comic book? Brown has without a doubt earned a fight with a top-ten opponent. Will he extend his streak to seven? I know that I will be sure to watch, because he is always entertaining.