It looks as though the impressive career of Matt “The Terror” Serra has probably come to a close, as the former welterweight champ has told Newsday he’s likely hanging up the gloves.

According to the report, Serra required surgery earlier this month to remove one his ribs, which was required due to complications that arose from blood clots in his arm and lung.

So, as a result of these injuries (which clearly sound serious) and the fact Serra is pushing 40, unforatunely it looks as though his fighting days are done.

“I really think I’m walking away. I’m going to be 39, I just had my rib taken out. I’m having my third kid. My schools are doing well. What am I doing, looking for another pay day? It’s not really for that. I mean, it doesn’t stink, but it’s not really for that. Am I still trying to hold on for the glory? Glory is a drug, dude. I’m telling you, that’s the problem. It really is. I know why guys can’t walk away. I absolutely get it.”

Now Serra did say that if the UFC heads to New York, which would require the state to santion pro MMA soon, he would “love to put closure on my career with one last fight at the Garden.” That’s just one more reason why NY needs to get on board.

Serra hasn’t competed since 2010 when he dropped a unanimous decision to Chris Lytle, a few months after he stopped Frank Trigg. The biggest of his 11 career wins is unquestionably his first round, blow out of Georges St. Pierre at UFC 69 in 2007.

Photo Credit: Scott Petersen / MMA