Matt Mitrione fought Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 81 in Boston, M.A., and after receiving an awful eye poke, was eventually TKO’d.

But Mitrione is putting the blame of that loss squarely on the shoulders of Massachusetts State Athletic Commission, pointing to multiple instances of when the referee dropped the ball.

As per MMAFighting:

In the grievance, Mitrione also calls into question Forman’s relative lack of experience as a referee considering the stature of the bout and questionable conduct with regards to conflict of interest and social media.

Browne beat Mitrione by TKO in the third round Jan. 17 in Boston. In the appeal, Mitrione believes he proves that referee Gary Forman made myriad mistakes in the bout, especially with regards to multiple times Browne accidentally poked Mitrione in the eye. Mitrione thinks MSAC should at least change the result to a disqualification.

“My case is extremely strong, extremely valid,” Mitrione said. “And I know a lot of times people have cases when they appeal something and it’s a very valid position and nothing ever happens, it doesn’t get overturned. Well, that’s bullsh*t. A lot of that problem, I think, is because the commission takes a lot of pride in who they hire and they don’t feel like they can be accountable for those mistakes.

“People f*ck up. It happens. I don’t think the commission should take it on the chin like they apparently do and it shouldn’t be a shot at their ego.”

The referee definitely messed up, but it would be a longshot for Mitrione’s case to get anywhere. Why? Because if it’s found that the Commission is at fault, it opens one heck of a door for future issues of legal liability that could be exploited (for better or for worse). You think the Commission is going to want that to happen?