While he has been on the fence for the last year or so, it looks like 39-year-old Matt Hughes is finally accepting retirement. After consecutive knockout losses to BJ Penn and Josh Koscheck,  both Hughes’s wife and UFC president Dana White called for the former UFC welterweight champions retirement. He was adamant about stepping in the ring again, but as more time is spent away from the cage he seems to be content with his decision to hang it up. He has even admitted to not even training and spending most of his time on the family farm, and filming a hunting show for Outdoor Network. Here’s the official word from the Iowa Daily Gate.

“I’ve not announced my retirement, but right now it looks like I’m fully retired. The UFC still treats me well so I can be retired. It’s just funny, when God puts you on a road, you don’t know where you are going. I have all the faith that he put me there, and I have to thank him for that.”

The reason that Dana called for his retirement is that he had nothing left to accomplish in the cage. A two time welterweight champion with 18 wins in the octagon, Hughes has been inducted into the hall of fame. He currently carries the second most UFC title fights, the most UFC welterweight title defenses, second most finishes in title fights, and has defeated all but one other UFC welterweight champion. The former champ does not have much left to prove, but he understandably does not like walking away off a loss. The problem there is not much other fighters that he could face that would be interesting. So, what do you think fans? Are you sad to see the former champion to go without much fan fare, or is it about time that Hughes decided to hang it up?