UFC Hall of Famer and former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes has said recently on BJPennDotCom Radio that he thinks should a super-fight between current welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and middleweight champion Anderson Silva eventually take place, that GSP would come out on top.

Speaking to BJPennDotCom, Hughes also tipped GSP to defeat interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit this weekend at their UFC 153 clash in Montréal:

“GSP has a tough fight coming up against Condit on the 17th, but if he has got his timing down I he will get his hand raised that night,” predicted Hughes. “I’m not sure what Condit can do to have his hand raised, I don’t know what kind of game plan he can come up with. To be honest with you I don’t think Condit has the necessary tool to beat St-Pierre.”

With Dana White recently saying that Anderson Silva may challenge GSP to a super-fight should he successfully navigate his title fight against Carlos Condit this weekend, Hughes gave his opinion on how he saw that potential bout going down:

“I really believe if GSP and Silva fight Georges will have his hand raised,” an assured Hughes said. “I have a lot of respect for Georges having lost to him twice. GSP is not a great wrestler, but he transitions so well from striking to wrestling that he will be on Silva’s legs before Anderson even knows what’s going on. I believe Georges is that quick and I don’t think Silva will be able to do a whole lot with Georges on top of him.”

Hughes went on to give his opinion that Georges should take any potential Silva fight at 185 lbs and go for Silva’s middleweight title:

“If I was Georges I would tell the UFC if they want to make this fight between the two of them they should contest it at 185 lbs. and Silva should put his title on the line. If Georges is going to fight Silva he might as well add the additional weight and try and get a belt out of the deal. That’s the way I would look at it, the price for me would be an opportunity to unify the two titles,” Hughes mused. “I just wonder how long GSP would need to get his body prepared to make the move to 185 would it be a year off. It would be interesting to see how much time he would want. I wonder how hard his cut to 170 is, if he’s having a hard time then maybe it’s time to move up to 185.”

With Anderson Silva today saying that he WON’T be challenging GSP this weekend and doesn’t want to fight until the end of 2013, it looks like Hughes and the rest of us won’t have to worry about this super-fight for  awhile yet.