Matt Brown and Tim Means promised to close out what turned out to be a lackluster UFC 189 prelim card with excessive violence, and they certainly delivered on that promise.

From the outset, the lanky duo blasted each other with fury and bad intentions. For Brown, that meant clinch work that created openings for knees and elbows; for Means, that meant short punches and some elbows of his own. They both found success, wobbling the other with a punch and an elbow that would’ve spelled doom for less durable men.

But the difference between them was what happened when they ate those blows. After Brown walked face-first into an elbow, he just shook off the cobwebs, grinned and came forward. Means, on the other hand, got rocked by a punch and responded with a sloppy takedown attempt.

That cost him the fight, as Brown snaked his arms around his neck and fell back into a guillotine. The official time of the tap out was 4:44 of Round 1.

It was a great fight, and the sole shining beacon of worthwhile action for the entire FOX Sports 1 card.