Hugo Viana vs. winner of Erik Perez vs. Byron Bloodworth

Hugo Viana has proven to be a hot prospect in the UFC’s bantamweight division. With a great submission in his last fight and a knockout in this one, he’s dangerous wherever the fight goes. Erik Perez is taking on Byron Bloodworth in his next fight, but he should be able to get past him. Perez is the same as Viana, with two UFC fights under his belt winning by submission and KO as well. If the two get matched up you are bound to see a finish.

TJ Waldburger vs. Sean Pierson

Waldburger was impressive in this win, and he has proven to have some top notch jiu jitsu for being only a brown belt. When Waldburger has lost in the octagon it has happened when he is being out struck. To reach the top of the division he will need to be eased into fights where he can use his striking. Catone was a good first step, but Pierson is perfect for working up the ladder. His striking is fast, but he has his holes as well. This will be a nice fight between two fighters trying to make it to the next level at 170.

Rustam Khabilov vs. Mark Bocek

Rustam Khabilov could not have had a better debut. His slam knockout will live on for a long time in the highlight reels. Being this impressive will probably justify a big step up in competition his next fight. Bocek may be coming off a loss, but he could be a good litmus test since Bocek has faced a lot of top fighters at lightweight.

Johnny Bedford  vs. T.J. Dillashaw

You would not have realized Bedford had taken a year off from the looks of his bout Saturday night. He demolished his opponent without barely breaking a sweet. Him and Dillashaw competed on the same season of the Ultimate Fighter, but never fought each other. Dillashaw lost in the finale, but that does not make him the second best bantamweight from their season. Bedford may hold claim to that title, and he can prove it by beating Dillashaw.

Mike Pyle vs. Josh Koscheck

Mike Pyle called for a top ten fighter in his next bout, but with most of the welterweight division already in fights it may be hard to come by one. Koscheck opined for a match with current title contender Nick Diaz, but it looks like he is out of luck. So, a match up between Pyle and Koscheck could be a logical match-up. Plus, Pyle has to get tired fighting people nearly ten years younger than him, and a fight with someone his age would be nice.