Erik Koch vs. Diego Brandao

Koch was on the cusp of regaining his title shot, but all it took was one takedown to change that. He defended the shot well from Lamas through the first round, but when he went to capitalize on Lamas’s slip it was all downhill from there. Brandao won his season of the Ultimate Fighter, but he has not been the most consistent since then. This would be a great stand-up battle where either fighter could win, it just depends on who lands first.

Donald Cerrone vs. Josh Thomson

Cerrone was severely beaten in this fight, and it looked like Pettis was landing at will. It would have been okay if Cerrone had not talked so much before the bout, but he did and did not back it up at all. Not many people are talking about Thomson’s entry into the UFC, but he is an entertaining fighter who could factor into the top of the lightweight division. They are both in similar positions in their careers, and a match between the two will see who still can hang with the best at 155.

Quinton Jackson vs. Mauricio Rua

Yes, Jackson has admitted that he is not going to fight for the UFC again, but he may change his mind when he goes out and sees how much money other companies are going to offer him. If for some reason he does re-sign with the UFC, it would be the perfect time for these two to fight again. Rua was supposed to rematch him last year but injuries put a stop to that. It is a fight fans want to see, and one that Jackson would want before he retires.

John Dodson vs. winner of Joseph Benavidez vs. Ian McCall

All three of these fighters had close bouts with Demetrious Johnson, but all of them lost to the champion. The UFC needs to sign some more contenders in the division, because if they do not they may be stuck having a lot of rematches. It can be argued that Dodson’s title bout should have been a draw with the illegal knee not resulting in a point deduction. He should face the winner of Benavidez and McCall, and if he wins that bout he can get another crack at the flyweight title.