Mike Easton vs. Yves Jabouin

Both fighters were on a recent three fight win streak until losing in their last fight. Jabouin was taken out by Brad Pickett, and Easton lost to Rapheal Assuncao. Easton seemed to be tentative in his striking with the bigger Assuncao. Jabouin is another fighter that dropped from featherweight and who also has excellent striking. It will give Easton a chance to redeem himself.

Jeremy Stephens vs. loser of Guillard vs. Varner

Stephens may be on a three fight losing streak, but he is always exciting. I would not be surprised if the UFC dropped him, but he will most likely get one more chance. Guillard and Varner are both exciting fighters looking to finish. Whoever losses their match would be close to the unemployment line as well. Joe SIlva likes to make the those type of matches, and might as well make it between two people who will definitely put on a show.

Mike Swick vs. Josh Neer

Swick had a lot to lose in this fight, and unfortunately he did not even look great even before the loss. The knockout loss to Brown was his first in eight years since taking on Chris Leben. Neer has lost two in a row in the UFC, although he had moments to finish the fight in both of those losses. Swick and Neer will never get near the title, but their match will be a great fight for the fans. Add to this to May card and fans will tune in to watch.

BJ Penn vs. winner of Gomi vs. Diego Sanchez

Penn did not look great in either of his last two fights, and the truth of the matter is his fights at 170 have never looked great. His only wins at welterweight was against Matt Hughes in both. He looked the best at 155, and could still potentially be a contender there. A match with the winner of Gomi and Sanchez would be a rematch for Penn in bouts where he finished both fighters. It will show if Penn has anything left in the tank if he can still beat either of these two fighters.

Mauricio Rua vs. loser of Belfort vs. Bisping

Shogun did not look bad in this bout, he was just out-muscled and had to deal with too much reach. He is just to small for 205, compared to the new standard sizes of the class. It is hard to take on fighters four to five inches taller than you, who can keep you on the outside of your reach all night. Since Shogun has entered the UFC he has went 5-5, as the loss to Gustafsson has caused him a drop from the top five. A drop to middleweight is possible and should be done if he wants to still be a contender in the UFC. The loser of Bisping and Belfort would be a great match to propel him back towards the top five with a win.

Nate Diaz vs. Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez could be a top contender int he UFC, and while he is not signed yet it could most likely be announced within the next week. He does need to be introduced to UFC fans before his title fight, and what better way to do it than against someone with actual name value at 155. If Alvarez is able to deal with the length, submissions, and boxing of Diaz, it will show just how good he is in comparison of current champion Benson Henderson. Hopefully, Alvarez is signed and this fight can be made.