Ian McCall vs. Tim Elliot

McCall was thrust into the limelight of the UFC upon his first bout in the Octagon, and he never had time to adjust. Elliot is a tough fighter, and he proved that by taking on John Dodson on short notice. After earning his first win in the Octagon he needs to start working back toward the title in bigger fights. McCall provides that match-up, and with a win McCall can prove he belongs at the top of the flyweight division.

Jon Fitch vs. BJ Penn

After this loss it is hard to see what is left for Fitch in the Octagon, because it does not look like he will get back to title contention anytime soon. He will probably still fight and test up and comers and have fun fights with veterans. A lot of people are calling for Penn to retire, but if he wants it he deserves one last shot in the UFC. These two have unfinished business, and with neither of them factoring into the title picture, it is a perfect time for them to rematch.

Alistair Overeem vs. Junior dos Santos

These are two fighters that have been talking about one another for a long time. Like Chuck Liddell taking on Wanderlei Silva, the fight would have meant more if one of them was a champion, but it can still be exciting if they fought. Make this match-up so these two can finally settle their dispute in the Octagon.

Rashad Evans vs. Mauricio Rua

Evans has talked about dropping to 185, but if he is only looking at a few more fights in his career before he retires then he may stay at 205. If he does remain at light-heavyweight, a match with Rua would make a lot of sense considering where both are at in their careers. It will also give Evans a third shot against a member of Blackhouse/Team Nogueira.

Frankie Edgar vs. winner of Urijah Faber vs. Ivan Menjivar

Edgar dropped down a weight class and he was still the smaller fighter in the Octagon. If he is content with dropping one weight class he should be fine dropping another. At 31-years old, he is not getting any younger, and after three straight title-shot losses, he is not going to get another for a while. Faber has found himself in the same position as Edgar, and if he beats Menjivar, why not a fight between the two fighters who gave Jose Aldo his toughest tests ever?