Darren Elkins vs. Cub Swanson

Elkins has been flawless at 145, but he has been unable to finish any of his opponents. That is not to say that his matches are boring, but that he needs to prove he can take on a finisher if he is to ever face current champion Jose Aldo. Cub Swanson has had a few ups and downs in his career, but is currently riding a three fight win streak in which he finished all of his opponents. Swanson has typically had trouble with people that can control him like Ricardo lamas and Chad Mendes. This would test Elkins durability, and show if Swanson is ready for top competition again.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Urijah Faber

Faber is in that awkward position that the likes of Rich Franklin and Josh Koscheck have found themselves in. Where if he continues to fight top contenders and beats them, he limits the challengers a champion has, but cannot challenge for the title after being beat soundly in title fights too many times. In Menjivar he faces a well rounded veteran that is not close to a title shot due to his recent loss. A match between the two would be a good addition to any card, and if Menjivar wants to make it to the title then Faber would be a nice name to have on his record.

Matthew Riddle vs. John Hathaway

Riddle is slowly becoming a more complete fighter, and even though his last win was taken away he should really be on a three fight win streak considering he has a medical card to use marijuana. Hathaway has won a lot of fights, but when he uses his control he does not really show his ability. He needs someone that will make him fight, to (pun intended) someone that will put him in deep waters. If Riddle is able to beat Hathaway he will surely shoot up the contender list. The fight will alsow prove Hathaway’s worth if he can make it through the up and comer.

Cyrille Diabate vs. Ryan Jimmo

Diabate is ever improving even at 39 years of age, as he has some of the best hands in the light-heavyweight division. Jimmo was seen as a boring fighter, but changed a lot of people’s minds with his knockout in his UFC debut. Jimmo still needs to be tested before he heads to fighting the top ten of the division, because he could always revert back to his boring ways. Diabate would give him a challenge on the feet, and looks to be making improvements on his ground game.

John Makdessi vs. Cristiano Marcello

Makdessi proved that he has some of the best hands at 155 with his win over Stout, but he needs to see how good his ground game is. Marcello is a 4th degree black belt who has the ability to submit most people at 155. Makdessi ground game will be tested int his fight which it needs to be.

Patrick Cote vs. Alessio Sakara

While a lot of people want to blame the ref. for the multiple punches that were landed to the back of Cote’s head, the real person to blame is Sakara. Occasionally, one or two punches may land to the back of the head, but there must have been at least eight clean shots to the back of Cote’s head. Not on of those even looked aimed for the side. Whether or not they want to call them intentional they sure as heck were not an accident. This could turn into quite a grudge match that already adds to the fun fight it was before.