Pablo Garza vs. Antonio Carvalho

Garza may have picked up a big win over Mark Hominick, but it is not that big when you put it into perspective. Hominick had lost three straight fights, and Garza had also lost two in a row before this win. Given his skills look to be increasing, but he needs to win a few more fights before he starts fighting people in the top ten again. Carvalho can test him wherever the fight goes and it will prove to be quite a match.

Rafael dos Anjos vs. TJ Grant

Rafael looked great in this fight, but I am not completely sold on him after he has faltered in some fights. Someone like TJ Grant deserves a shot at the top after being flawless though three fights at 155. With most top fighters already being matched up, a fight between the two will give a lot of answers. If Grant gets passed dos Anjos then he proves he beat someone who only losses to top fighters, and if dos Anjos beats Grant he will beat an up and comer, which top fighters must do constantly to stay afloat.

Francis Carmont vs. Brian Stann

Carmont has won four straight, but he has been unimpressive doing so. Stann needs to prove himself as being a top 10 fighter after going 1-2 in his last three. For Carmont he needs to have his chin tested and face someone who will push back when being controlled.  Stann fits that bill. If he’s able to beat Carmont, he will prove he’s still in the top of the division by beating an up and coming prospect.

Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann

Condit may have lost his shot to win the official UFC title, but he probably more than doubled his fans in that fight. For Condit he will probably become a leading star in the division as he works his way back to the welterweight title. Coming off two pay-per-view headliners that were mostly propped up by his opponents, I would not be surprised if he headlined a card on his name alone. He had originally pointed out that he wanted Kampmann to win the co-main event so that he could rematch one of the losses he wants to avenge. Since both fighters loss the fight it still make sense and could easily headline a FX or even a FOX broadcast card.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks

No matter who wants to see GSP against Anderson Silva it doesn’t matter because GSP seems unwilling to take the bout. If you watched the post fight press conference, he essentially says that making 185 will ruin his chances of going back down to welterweight easily. If the fight were to happen he wants Anderson to go down to 170 and points to his years fighting at 168 as a reason. Even Anderson said he would take the bout. The problem is that Hendricks deserves his shot after that highlight finish. He has beat nearly everyone put in front of him, and has beat many of them brutally. Whether or not he has a chance of beating GSP is not the matter, because if he ends up waiting any longer he will have to rematch contenders he has already beat.