Rick Story vs. Aaron Simpson: Both fighters are coming off losses by devastating fashion. While Story was not knocked out cold, he did lose without doing much to his opponent. If Story would have pulled the victory, he could have been facing rival and former training partner Mike Pierce, but unfortunately for Story, the UFC formula places winners vs. winners and defeated vs. defeated, usually.

Wagner Prado vs. Fabio Maldonado: Well, it does not look like much would have changed if the eye poke did not happen. Given Prado did look decent, he was absolutely manhandled by Davis. It is not like he is at his full potentional, cutting out body fat as he actually looked ‘fluffy’. If he could make 185, he may have a better chance at success, but that’s if he is willing to make the cut. The same going for Fabio who did take a lot of damage, but he did not offer much offense either. Both should make the cut and face each other.

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Erick Silva vs. winner of Dong Hyun Kim vs. Paulo Thiago: As Dana said, this loss does not drop Erick down very far. He had his moments against Fitch, and also almost finished it with a submission. He needs someone to test him, and someone who has faced the best of the division. Look no further than Kim versus Thiago. Both have faced the best and had some decent wins. They each could potential make a long night for Silva and that is what he needs after gassing out after the second round.

Dave Herman vs. the unemployment line: Yes, he took the fight on short notice, but how can he gas in the first round that was too much and he offered too little. Herman has been knocked out twice and submitted in his last three fights. He has only won one fight in his octagon career. He may need to go back to the regional circuit to re-establish himself before coming back to the octagon.

Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin: Yes, Griffin does have a fight lined up against Chael Sonnen that is not what matters. Bonnar was effectively retired before this fight, and Dana has called for Forrest to retire after his last fight with Tito. Bonnar could go back to retirement, but a fitting end for both of their careers would be a match between the two. It is what started the UFC on their ascent, and them coaching the Ultimate Fighter and fighting at the end would be a full circle affect. Just try and look past the fact that Griffin holds two wins over Bonnar.