Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar III

That was probably the last time we will see Frank Mir fight for the title in the UFC. Yes, he is only 33, but the fighters will only continue to get faster, younger, and stronger. There is rumors of a return for Brock Lesnar, and a third match between them would mean big money for the UFC. This could happen at the end of the year pay-per-view as Frank most likely wants to spend some time with his family. Plus, a match like this does not have Mir taking on a young contender he could possibly knock off or even worse, be knocked out again. Mir has done a lot for the heavyweight division, and proven himself a valuable commodity for the UFC. Why not let him have one more crack at his nemesis?

Antonio Silva vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Gonzaga was supposed to be on this card, but he was unfortunately hurt. This fight would be interesting because Gabriel would most likely have the advantage standing, and Antonio would have it in terms of ground and pound. The match up of the ground skills is what is most intriguing. Both being quality black belts in Jiu-Jitsu I would like to see how those skills play out against each other. Usually they do not match up a fighter coming off a lose against someone coming off a win, but this one makes some sense because Gonzaga has just returned from a self imposed retirement.

Dave Herman vs. Pat Barry

Both of these fighters are on the last legs of their UFC careers. Dave had one decent come from behind win in his debut, but since then has been outclassed by two superior fighters. Barry on the other hand is only 3-5 in his UFC career, and now has actually been knocked out twice. A match up between the two would be good since both love to throw caution to the wind, and put on a fight. Their ground games seem very limited, so that way neither of them would be worried about being submitted on the ground. Any one that says no to this being on the main card of an FX or Fuel card does not enjoy a good brawl.

Lavar Johnson vs. Shane Carwin

It is now known that you cannot match up Lavar with anyone that has an ounce of ground knowledge. Struve could not get the fight to the ground, but he pulled guard and was able to submit Lavar. He should have seen that coming a mile away as Struve pulled guard. He still has tremendous power, and is an asset in being a gatekeeper for the division. A lot is unknown about Shane Carwin at this point. It is nearly two years since he fought Brock for the title, and a year since JDS beat him down. Is his tremendous knockout power still there? A match up with Johnson would prove if he still has the best punching power in the division.

Shane Del Rosario vs. anyone with a decent ground game

Shane looked great in this fight until it hit the ground. It’s weird since in Strikeforce he landed a great armbar, and the rarely seen (especially for HW) high-level omoplata submission. I now wonder if that is more from a lack of his opponents ground game than a comment on his own abilities. The problem for Del Rosario was that the fight was lost once Stipe took it to the ground. Obviously, to compete at the top of the sport, you need to be well rounded, or be the exception with takedown defense like champ, JDS if you want to only keep it standing. Time will tell if he was worth the hype, but he does need to be tested again on the ground.