Justin Edwards vs. Amir Sadollah: Sometime you know a fighter will never be a champion in a weight class, but what is wrong with a fight that is exciting. Amir lost recently, but he seems to be the guy you beat to become a legit fight in the UFC welterweight division. Justin has lost twice already, but he has flashes of brilliance. A fight between the two is more to get the fans amped than for anything in the division.

John Dodson vs. Demetrious Johnson: Well, Dodson earned his title shot with flair. The TKO sealed the deal and will send him into a five round fight. Look for this to be one of the fastest fights inside the octagon to ever happen, not because of the finish but because of pure speed. Dodson may be able to finish fights, but he will have trouble catching Johnson. It will be interesting also to see how their wrestling games match up as both of them can take almost anyone down, but people have trouble taking them down.

Jake Ellenberger vs. loser of Condit/GSP: It’s hard to say where Jake falls. Whoever wins the fight between Kampmann and Hendricks gets the next title shot against the winner of GSP and Condit. You would assume the losers of those two fights would fight each other, but where does that leave Ellenberger. You may be wrong though. With both Ellenberger and Condit expressing interest in a rematch, because at one point Condit was willing to put his interim title on the line if Ellenberger beat Kampmann. This way if Condit losses they can rematch, and if GSP losses this match is a bit more interesting than the loser of Kampmann/Hendricks.

Antonio Silva vs. Cheick Kongo: Antonio Silva may have taken out a rising star, but he has a long way to get to the title. He has also proved that he is a top ten Heavyweight despite recent losses. A great matchup to prove how good he truly is to take on the stalwart of the Heavyweight division. While Kongo has always been on the cusp of contender, and sometimes been a boring fighter he always is a good test. if Silva can get past the French man he can test himself against the top of the division again.