Josh Neer vs. John Maguire: If they keep Neer around this will be a good fight. Both fighters come to fight and both have a decent ground game. An excellent fight to add to any card as well as a perfect indicator as to who deserves to stay in the UFC.

Jussier Formiga vs. Darrell Montague: You may ask who this fighter is, but he is an absolute terror at only 24-years-old. With losses coming to UFC fighters Robbie Peralta, a 145 fighter, and Ian McCall a former title contender – he has the chops to be in the UFC. This was the same mentality that got Jussier into the UFC. A good fight to make a new contender in the division, or the ability to show off Formiga to the crowd in a sort of re-debut.

Jay Hieron vs. Josh Koscheck: Kos was the original opponent for Ellenberger, but his injury lead the way for Hieron to enter back into the UFC. Now this would be a fight to make. Both fighters are getting up in age and may not have the ability to compete with the younger guys much longer. I am all for good fighters getting a breather from the quickness of 25-year-olds for a change. It;s all about these two proving which of the older fighters still has it. Plus, two quality wrestlers with decent hands going at it will be a good fight none the less.

Travis Browne vs. Stipe Miocic: Regardless if it was an injury that lead to the loss for Browne that fight, the bottom line is he lost. Well Stipe looked great against Stefan in the first, he should not fall that much in the trying loss. There’s not much else for either of them to do, but for them to rebuild. Whoever wins can start working back into contention. Plus, both being headliners within a week of each other could mean they could fight as a co-headliner any time soon.