Duane Ludwig vs. Retirement: This is the second time that Ludwig’s body has failed in a match. It may be a sign to hang it up. Plus, with three losses in a row there is not many other fighters the UFC can match him up with. Given the injury did not give us the full fight,it looked like Mills was handling the fight pretty well anyway. Time will tell what Duane’s choice is, and the choice will always be his. The problem is you can only take so much.

John Maguire vs. Paul Sass: John did well in his fight, but never had the ability to put his opponent in danger. The problem is he looked very small compared to his larger opponent, and he looked soft in the cage. Could a drop to 155 make him into a true contender? He will grow from this fight, but at only five foot nine, he has proven to come up short against six foot tall fighters. If he were to drop to 155 a match with Paul Sass would be a great ground battle for the fans. Time will tell, but it is something to mull over.

Yves Jabouin vs. Ken Stone: The UFC’s bantamweight division is still quite thin, and with the loss it is hard to say where Yves lands. Yes, he was undefeated at 135, but none of his wins were that impressive, and he was flat-lined by Brad. A match with Stone could be intriguing. Both are fighters who lose to the best, but they beat the rest. A match between the two could tell us who is just a gate keeper, and who has the potential to make waves in this division. Both are coming off a knockout loss, and both do not want the same to happen to them again.

Amir Sadollah vs. any new talent: Yes, I know Amir is not on some huge losing streak, but he has not looked to progress in his career. He actually looked sharper a few years ago when he was beating middleweights shortly after the confidence from winning ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ and now he is getting beaten in wrestling by the U.K.’s Dan Hardy. Something has to give, and maybe some time as a welcome mat to new talent will force Sadollah to either innovate or vacate the organization.

Stipe Miocic vs. Cheick Kongo: Kongo is the perfect test for Stipe coming off his first lost. Cheick is a proven veteran who has only loss to the best, and at the same time can give a test to Stipe wherever the fight goes. The UFC does not like to match people coming off a loss against people coming off a win, but can you really count Cheick’s last decision as a win? At least we know Stipe will bring the fight to Cheick and not be satisfied with being grounded out like Shawn Jordan was.