Brandon Vera vs. Thiago Silva

Brandon Vera proved he can hang with the best of the division, but he has yet to win against a top tier fighter. His last three losses came to future, former, or current UFC champions. I do not think Vera should go back down and fight people who do not have at least some name value. There is also a lot of drama left between Thiago and Brandon. They were supposed to fight come Silva’s return to the UFC, but that did not happen due to injuries. The Brandon that fought tonight versus a non-PED using Thiago may go a lot differently. So, let the two settle their differences in the cage, and see who really should compete with a top ten after this fight.

Ryan Bader vs. Rashad Evans

Bader did not do too well against Lyoto, but neither did Rashad. Both still have title aspiration, but with recent losses they need to erase them. The bout between the two would be the first, and after all Bader did knockout Rashad’s good friend Keith Jardine. They also have common opponents as both have the loss to Lyoto, a loss to Jon Jones, a win over Quinton Jackson, and a match against Tito Ortiz. If the two fight it could reaffirm either’s status as a top fighter at 20, but send the other to the back of the line.

Jaime Varner vs. loser of Donald Cerrone/Melvin Guillard

Varner may have lost the match, but he proved himself to be a hell of a competitor. If his hand had not broken who knows what would have happened in the bout since his corner told him to go for the takedown. Jaime showed though that he still has the will to fight in crazy all out fights. A rematch with Cerrone is what people have been calling for, and if he losses to Melvin then it is a fight that could be made. At the same time Guillard could be an intriguing match himself. So, whoever losses can face Varner, and you would still have quite a match for a fight card.