Pat Barry vs. Brendan Schaub

Both these fighters may only have one shot left in the octagon, as the division grows. Given, Schaub was recently in talks of title contention before the loss to Big Nog –  a second knockout by Ben Rothwell may have sealed his fate as a ‘weak chin’. Barry hasn’t had the best luck lately either. He is currently on a 1-3 decline in his last four fights. Just like Schaub, Barry has suffered to recent knockout losses as well. The UFC usually matches fighters up like this in a loser leaves town match. With a spectacular performance, the UFC could always hold on to the loser for their entertainment value.

Rousimar Palhares vs. winner of CB Dollaway and Jason Miller

Rousimar continues to fail against strong strikers with a competent ground game. With fighting either of these two suggested fighters, he faces two big challenges. First with Dollaway he gets a competent striker with great wrestling. He will have to prove the better fighter to avoid problems on the feet and to get the fight to the ground. With Miller he will face someone arguably, equally as dangerous on the ground. Either way it will be a good way for Rousimar to evolve his game.

Josh Koscheck vs. B.J. Penn

Josh did a lot of things right in this fight, but if he would have played to his strengths and taken Johny down more, he would have won the fight. It looked like Koscheck wanted to avenge his friend Jon Fitch’s loss, but in doing so lost the fight for himself. I would love to see Kos against Nick Diaz, but as he is currently out of action, this fight will do. B.J. is set to return to the octagon by the end of the year, and as Josh is currently not near the title why not match him up with another fighter that has no need to rematch GSP again.

Jim Miller vs. Chad Mendes

Can Jim Miller make 145 lbs.? In his last three fights he has been shorter and smaller than his opponents. Most people thought he would have the strength advantage against Nate, but clearly that was not the case. Against Melvin Guillard he was out-muscled, but caught Melvin, and with Benson he was clearly smaller and out-muscled. While Jim is only 28, and has time to grow he has been beat by many top fighters in his division. The climb back may be a long one, and if he can try and cut to 145 he may have an quicker path getting there after his current setback. A fight with Mendes would put him in against the top 5 of the division, and it would show how well he would do against a former number one contender.