Phil Davis vs. Jimi Manuwa: Phil proved himself to still be at the top of the young upstarts in the division, but after falling to Rashad this year he needs another win to rebuild himself before challenging another top ten fight. Most high level 205’ers are already lined up for fights or coming off a loss. Jimi had a great debut over Kyle Kingsbury, and like Teixeira could prove to be a good commodity at light heavyweight. Davis can provide that test or gain another win on his ascent back to the top.

Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia: Both of these fighters had impressive fights this last Saturday, both have challenged for the title, and both most likely have one last shot to get back there. Neither of them are getting any younger and will be hitting age 35 next year. So, in effort to eliminate one from title contention, have them face each other. It will be interesting to see what happens as Fitch has shown to be susceptible to being caught in submissions. True, Fitch has only been submitted once in his career, as he miraculously escapes most attempts – no one at 170 is able to finish on the ground better than Maia.

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Glover Teixeira vs.Quinton Jackson: This was the fight that was supposed to happen at UFC 153, but an injury forced Jackson out of the match. So, why not re set up the match. Both fighters want it, it seems that Glover still needs a big win, and no one else seems willing to fight him. The fight still makes sense, and it enables Glover to take one step closer to the belt with a win.

Antonio Nogueira vs. Antonio Silva: Big Nog says he still wants to fight top ten guys, but obviously cannot compete for the title while JDS still holds it. The problem is who can Nogueira face and potentially beat that would not eliminate a fresh contender for JDS’s belt? Well, non other than Antonio Silva, because while he is coming off a big win over Travis Browne he still has recent losses to Werdum, Daniel Cormier, and Cain so he is not a big threat to the title. A win over Big Nog would allow him another step closer big Nog beating him does not affect the title picture.

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones: A lot of fans , fighters, and pundits have been calling for Anderson versus GSP, but is that the best super fight match for him? With GSP backlogged with contenders at 170 due to injury, and Jones running out of contenders due to his domination – why not a fight between the two? What type challenges does GSP offer Anderson that he has not faced before, and why would the most dominant fighter ever face a fight a smaller fighter? Should he not go up to make a real challenge to himself. Jon is a fighter who can threaten on the feet with his reach, has a great penchant for submissions, and has some of the best offensive and defensive wrestling in the business. This seems like a bigger challenge than GSP could ever pose.