Yushin Okami vs. Hector Lombard

Yes, Okami was supposed to fight Rousimar Palhares, and that match would still be good but this one is better. Lombard was not that impressive in his debut, and he was supposedly hurt. He was once a top contender based on his long fight win streak. Now that it is gone he has to work his way up the middleweight ladder. If he can beat long time 185 stalwart Yushin, he will prove himself to be a real contender. Both of them have recent losses to Tim Boestch, and a win for either would propel them back toward the top of the division. Yushin has already lost to the current champion Anderson Silva, and most likely will not get another fight against him any time soon. If Anderson leaves the division or retires Yushin could factor into the title picture easily with a win against Lombard.

Jake Shields vs. Rousimar Palhares

Jake won, but it was not even close to entertaining. One would think that Herman would have been able to do a lot more, but that was not the case. Jake needs to fight someone who will not let him grind away. Rousimar is a strong fighter, and he is also a finisher. A match between the two would make an actual fight, not a clinch and grind affair. Plus, if fans want to see what Jake is truly made of he will probably be glad if these two get matched up.

Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis

Donald Cerrone looked a little worse for ware in this fight, but he still finished it in the first round. He called out Anthony Pettis out prior this fight, and Anthony agreed to the match. So, it only makes sense for Joe Silva to make this match. Honestly, Pettis wants to fight for the title, but he has not done enough to deserve the title shot after losing to Clay Guida. A win over Cerrone who is 6-1 in the UFC would make him the next challenger. The same could be said for Cerrone if he could beat up Pettis. This would be the next logical step, and if Benson defends his belt against Diaz we could have two former WEC fighters fighting for the title.

Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo

It is hard not to feel bad for Frankie Edgar as he continually tries his hardest to be the best fighter in the world at 155. The problem is he is just to small, and his opponents are going to continue to out muscle him. Going into this fight I thought Frankie was crazy for giving up an instant shot at Aldo for another title shot at Lightweight. I didn’t think that there was any way he would still deserve a shot after losing two in a row. The problem is Edgar could have easily won that fight against a man who easily weighs more than 20 pounds over Edgar. A match for a belt against someone closer to his weight will be something to see.

Benson Henderson vs. Nate Diaz

It was already known that Nate would get the next title shot, but his opponent was unknown. Now he knows he will be fighting Benson Henderson for his title sometime down the road. The best part about this fight is how dangerous Nate is. He has knocked out welterweights and has submitted black belts. Henderson will not have the luxury of being able to take punches as Nate wears people down. He cannot get caught in guillotines like he did against Edgar. This fight will prove how much Nate has grown, and will test Henderson as much as he possibly can.