Anthony Perosh vs. Joey Beltran

Anthony got caught, plain and simple. His three fight winning streak was broken, but he will be back for more. A match with Beltran would be nice, as it would allow him to prove himself in standup. Joey is known for brawling, and I am sure Anthony wants to prove himself after the seven second knockout. plus, this fight would give Beltran a full training camp, and a match against someone he can try and show off his skills at 205 against.

Court McGee vs. Riki Fukuda

Court did very well against Nick Ring, but he lost the first two rounds. He was not able to implement his brawling style, and fell right into Nick’s technical boxing. He could be in danger of being cut if he losses another fight, and the same goes for Riki Fukuda. Both fighters started out promising when they entered the UFC, but their careers have floundered as of late. It is well known that the UFC likes to pit two people on their way out against one another and this is another example of that.

Brian Ebersole vs. Clay Guida

Ebersole talked about dropping down to 155 after his win last month, so it was a surprise when he took this short notice fight. Short notice fights are nice sometimes as you are able to capitalize on one training camp and make to pay days. That did not happen and Ebersole had his 4 fight win streak broken. He does not seem like the same fighter who first took on Chris Lytle in an entertaining 3 round fight in Australia in his debut. Maybe a drop to 155 is what he needs, and a match against Guida may bring out that fire he has lost. They are both coming off losses, need to rebound, and have interesting things that go on with their hair. This fight makes sense solely on that it would be the hairrow vs. the cave man.

Hector Lombard vs. Mark Munoz

I guess Hector really would throw away a title shot for the chance to fight Mark, because after his fight he will not hear the words title shot for some time to come. Not only was he unimpressive in his fight, he did not even really looked like he cared to be in the cage. He was professing a real anger and desire to fight Munoz, and sometimes fighters need emotion to get motivated for a fight, BJ Penn for example. Anyways, he anted a fight with Munoz, and after the loss the fight is a lot more plausible. Let the two fight it out and settle all the comments in the cage. hopefully, they do better in a rivalry fight than either did in their last performances.

Urijah Faber vs. Miguel Torres

Urijah lost a lot in this fight. He lost winning a title, his shot at rival Dominick Cruz, and has to question where he goes from here. In fact, Faber has lost his last 5 fights for a title, and he is only 5-5 in his last 10 fights. Given those losses are to top fighters. The problem is that Faber will have to win many fights to get back to the title, and at the same time cannot be taking out contenders when he himself cannot be in the ring for a shot at the belt anytime soon. That is why a fight with Torres makes sense now. Just like when Chuck fought Wanderlei, a lot of the importance is gone since both fighters have lost their belt, but it would still be highly entertaining, and both of them would not being taking our a rising contender at 135.