Ivan Menjivar vs. Miguel Torres

Ivan had his three fight win streak snapped at the PPV the past Saturday, but he didn’t look horrible in the fight. He was able to counteract most of what Easton had to offer, but unfortunately Easton controlled the majority of the fight. In Miguel Torres, Menjivar will get an opponent who is there to fight, and someone who does not drop him that far down the bantamweight ladder. The former champion Torres, is coming off a loss, but as two veterans of the lighter weight classes, a match between he and Menjivar  could be a fight for the hardcore fans.

Cody McKenzie vs. Maximo Blanco

It’s hard to say how McKenzie would have fared in his first drop to 145, because Chad Mendes literally took all the air out of him. Plus, fighting a top five fighter in a division is a big task in your first drop to the division. In McKenzie’s next fight, he should be eased in a little bit more, and a fight against Maximo would help with that.

Kim Dong-Hyun vs. Paulo Thiago

Many wonder what would have happened if Kim was not injured on that takedown. Unfortunately, injury is always prevalent in the sport, and at least Demian Maia was kind enough to realize what had happened and stopped throwing punches. Dong-Hyun was once thought to be a rising talent in the welterweight division, but with a loss to Carlos Condit and this match to Maia, his prospects are up in the air. Paulo Thiago is another fighter who was thought to be a top contender, but after going 1-3, he needs to rebuild his career as well.

Patrick Cote vs. Chris Leben II

Cung Le was able to use his wrestling to turn the tide in the fight, and Patrick once again fell victim to a lack of well rounded fighting prowess. Cote is best when fighting other strikers hunting for the knockout. He and Chris Leben fought once back in 2005, and from there they both went on to semi-successful careers in the UFC.  Leben welcomed Anderson Silva into the promotion, and Patrick eventually challenged for the title. Leben comes off suspension this November, and needs a fight that will be easy for him to work his way back into the groove of fighting.

Chael Sonnen vs. Rashad Evans

Where should Chael Sonnen go from here? It’s rumored that it was hard enough for the UFC to get Anderson to take the second fight, and undoubtedly he would never agree to a third one, even if he beat all of the contenders in the division.  Sonnen may be where Rich Franklin was a few years ago when the current champion had beaten him twice, and he was stuck drifting in between divisions. I would like to see Rashad Evans take on Chael, for the pure trash-talk that would go on before the bout. Plus, Rashad recently said he would drop to middleweight for a shot at Anderson, and maybe if Evans can get past Sonnen, he can get his shot.