Glover Teixeira vs. Rashad Evans

I know this may seem like a huge step up in competition for Glover from Kyle Kingsbury, and it is. The problem with the light-heavyweight division is, while it’s loaded with talent, no one has been able to beat the champion. People who don’t know Glover Teixeira before he came to the UFC have been missing out. Currently he’s riding a 16 fight win streak with 15 finishes in that span. Glover has proven to have great knockout power, has trained with UFC legend Chuck Liddell and holds a black belt in BJJ. Rashad Evans will give the one test that Glover needs to pass in wrestling.

Dan Hardy vs Amir Sadollah

Dan Hardy finally made a return to the winners circle as did Sadollah. This fight would be a contrast in stand up styles. Amir has a pitter-patter style that adds on damage, but does not have huge knockout power. Dan on the other hand may not be the most technical striker, but holds the power to knockout almost any fighter. Neither of these fighters are anywhere near the title, but hold enough notoriety to headline or co-headline prelims on FX or a free card. Plus, a win for them would answer a lot about where they are headed in their careers.

Jamie Varner vs. Jim Miller

Many people want to see Jamie Varner take on Donald Cerrone again. The problem with that fight is both times they have fought before it take a lot out of them, especially Varner. The first time they fought it took a year for him to heal, and the second time it nearly took his career away. Jamie does deserve a top contender though. Being a former champion, albeit WEC, he has proven to be able to reach the pinnacle of this sport. Jim Miller will provide a test for him to see how far he can go at this second chance. Jim has proven to be ultra tough,  but is going to be relegated to a gatekeeper since he cannot beat the true tops of the division. Donald and Jamie should only fight if it can be five rounds, and since it would be their third fight it needs to be for the title or a number one contenders spot.

Darren Elkins vs Dennis Siver

Both of these fighters are trying to work their way toward a title shot. Darren has won three in a row, and Dennis won his first fight after dropping to 145 with a successful run at lightweight. Darren showed a good ground game, and great cardio with his win over Diego Brandao. Dennis got his win over Diego Nunes using his superior striking along with his great takedown defense. The contrast in styles could make for a boring fight, but it could also show who is going to make a step into the top of the division. In the end, only one gets to reach the top of the division, and both of these fighters will have to fight to get there.