Martin Kampmann vs. Carlos Condit

A lot of people are calling for Martin Kampmann to fight Johny Hendricks for a true number one contender spot. The problem is didn’t see Martin fighting a strong wrestler with one punch knockout power? I’m not saying a fight with Johny would go the same way as Martin’s fight with Jake Ellenberger did, but the two fighters are eerily similar. Depending on how the time table lines up, and if they can fit a scrap between Kampmann and Condit in before GSP’s return, the fight makes sense. A bout between them could heighten GSP’s return as well, since Condit has disappeared from the fight scene after his so-so performance in his win over Nick Diaz.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Josh Koscheck

The forum boards were lighting up, calling Jake “overrated” after he loss to Kampmann, but that isn’t the case. He did get caught, but multiple times he almost had Kampmann out. The problem is Martin has one of the best chins in the division; not even Paul Daley truly knocked him out. Jake Ellenberger doesn’t deserve to fall too far down the rankings as he was doing great in the fight, which may have been stopped a little too soon. Koscheck finds himself in a similar situation since his split decision loss could have easily been a win. Koscheck says he wants big name fights, and a fight between the two could easily headline or co-headline a card.

Michael Chiesa vs. winner of Sam Stout vs. Spencer Fisher

As Dana White put it, Michael Chiesa really had a storybook finish to his Ultimate Fighter run, but now starts his career as a UFC fighter. Michael may need to be eased into the fight game since he is still relatively green with only having eight professional fights. A fight between the winner of the Sam Stout and Spencer fisher fight would give him a chance to take on someone with a name, but also a fighter that has holes in his game. If he is able to capitalize on those holes, he should continue to work his way up the division.

Al Iaquinta vs. Diego Brandao 

Al was severely undersized in this fight and I believe he should drop to 145 to continue his career. Michael looked huge next to him, and fighters only get bigger in the division with monsters like Benson Henderson, Nate Diaz, and Gray Maynard. At 5’7″ it is not out of the realm of possibilities that he could drop down and perhaps could face former Ultimate Fighter winnerr Diego Brandao. They are both coming off losses, and both need to show they belong in the octagon. A drop in weight would be smart for Al, and a fight with Brandao would be even smarter.

Charles Oliveira vs. winner of Ross Pearson vs. Cub Swanson

Oliveira looked awesome in this fight, and people are calling for him to get someone in the top of the division. The problem is Charles is only 22 years old and needs time to grow. Ross and Cub will be fighting later this month, and the winner will be on a two fight win streak just like Oliveira. In both fighters he will face someone who has great standup, and will force Charles to adapt and grow his game. Person has a greater take down defense, and Swanson has been matched up with some of the best in the division and is a great litmus test for any fighter. Charles has the potential to be a great fighter, but needs time to grow properly.