Rony Mariano Bezerra vs. Hacran Dias

These two both made their promotional debuts on Saturday night, and both were relatively tepidly received. Hacran Dias took on Yuri Alcantara, and while he was able to control the majority of the fight it was not too exciting, and the same went for Rony against Pepey. With the top of the Featherweight division in shambles due to Aldo being hurt, and some of the top contenders losing the division is wide open. Hacran is a training partner of Aldo, but it is never said that they would not fight each other. With both fighters only having one fight in their UFC careers, and both having not great the greatest debuts it would be a nice next fight for both fighters.

Cezar Ferreira vs. Daniel Sarafian

Cezar looked pretty good in his fight against Moraes, but he was not able to go for the finish. He was also very wary of going to the ground. He won the fight and the contract, but it was not the match that was supposed to be. He should have fought Sarafian who unfortunately got hurt before the pay-per-view. Dana said we would most likely have the two face off in the future to finally settle the score.

Fabricio Werdum vs. winner of Travis Browne vs. Ben Rothwell

Fabricio really wants that rematch with JDS, but with Cain already in line for the fight is looks like Fabricio will have to take one more fight. It should be a number one contenders fight, because since losing to JDS he has went 5-1 with many quality wins. Plus, his only loss was to Alistair Overeem in a lackluster fight, and since Overeem failed his drug test many of his current wins hold stigmas. Many people are calling or a match with Mark Hunt, but as long as Werdum got the fight to the ground it would not be that competitive. Travis Browne has been flawless since joining the UFC going 4-0-1, and he is facing a resurgent Rothwell who is in the best shape of his career. Whoever wins that fight is easily a top contender in the division. A match-up with Werdum against whoever wins, especially if Browne does, could create the next legitimate threat to JDS’s belt.

Rich Franklin vs. Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping continues to spout off about how he deserves a title shot more than any other fighter in the division, but the problem is here has never really beaten a top five fighter. The truth is that every time he has faced a top fighter he has lost. Dan Henderson knocked him out, Wanderlei Silva took a decision, and while the fight with Chael was competitive it is still a loss on his record. The rest of his wins while good were not against great fighters. Rich Franklin would stand as one of the biggest test of his careers, and his claim to a title shot would be greater having a former title holder on his resume. On the flip side Franklin wants to make one last run at the title before he retires, and a win over Bisping is another step in the right direction. For the UFC this fight could easily headline a card for them, and could easily sell at an arena since they have been talking about returning to England.