Talk about confidence. After coming off a successful and impressive UFC debut against Tim Means at UFC on Fox on April 20, Jorge Masvidal (24-7) is more than certain that he will continue picking up wins in the top MMA promotion. In Strikeforce, “GameBred” had gone 3-1, only losing to Strikeforce champ Gilbert Melendez via decision. Melendez, who could argue to have won over UFC champ Benson Henderson on the same night as Masvidal’s premiere is no loss to be ashamed of. Masvidal now sounds to want a shot against fellow Strikeforce import Pat Healy as he submits former top two contender Jim Miller.

“I’m looking for easy paychecks at this stage of my career. I got my baby I got to feed, you know? So, I’m looking for easy paychecks at this stage of my career, man. Pat Healy, Jim Miller is right up there. Plus, one of them is ranked in the top something, so I definitely want to fight one of them. I just think for many years a lot of these guys that are so called top 10 and Billy badasses, really ain’t shit. And I’m here to prove that. You can say it’s a chip on my shoulder because I’m coming over from Strikeforce, or whatever. I think once they get in there with me, they are going to find out the truth. I’m about to change my name to ‘The Truth’ in a second — ‘The Truth Gamebred’ Masvidal.” – GenghisConFilm shoot

Dana White was not joking when he said that Strikeforce fighters came in hungry. It would look like they were rabid and starving, as the talents are putting on a full ranking shift across the board with their performances. Masvidal was notably fierce with his elbows in his debut, as he comes from a promotion that did not allow elbows in fights.

Photographer: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports