“The Filipino Wrecking Machine”  is back! Mark Munoz has returned to the win column after a lofty layoff, taking out out MMA vet Tim Boetsch at UFC 162 in Las Vegas, NV. Here is the full play-by-plays.

Round One:
Boetsch comes out aggressive, quickly taking Munoz down. Mark pops up and Boetsh uses a body lock to slam him back. Munoz cage walks and gets warned about using the cage. Munoz now gets the better of the clinch getting Boetsch down. The two stand and start to trade. Munoz lands a right and Boetsch ties it back up.

Round Two:
Similar to the first we have a grapplers bout from the two collegiate wrestlers. Munoz looks to be getting the better of the clinch however. Boetsh is taking a beating as Munoz uses a head and arm to inflict huge damage with punches and knees.

Round Three:
We return to what we saw at the end of round two as Munoz stuffs a takedown and beats up the body of Boetsch. Signature Donkey Kong punches rain down. Munoz attempts a kimura with 90 seconds but it is not hard for Boetsch to get out as Munoz is in side control. Munoz attempts a rear-naked, but Boetsch intelligently fights it off. Tim goes for a knee bar with 20 seconds left, but Mark gets out and dives in for some big shots.

Official: Mark Munoz defeats Tim Boetsch via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28)

Munoz is back in the mix, just like that. After dealing with injuries, depression and obesity, the Reign camp leader bounces back in a big way. It was a loss to current top contender Chris Weidman a year ago that led to his downfall, but it is his dominating win over Boetsch at 162 which pushes him back up into talks of contender-ship.