It took a while, but Mark Hunt is finally getting his shot to face Junior dos Santos. Dana White may have said that Hunt turned down the fight when initially offered, but Hunt says that is absolutely not true.

“I’m not a liar… What my thing is, I tell most of the time the truth, and sometimes it’s good for me, sometimes it’s bad. But, it’s true. I don’t turn down fights unless I’m injured. Never have. So it’s a part of my makeup. Like I said, opportunities don’t come that often, so you’ve got to take them when they come.”

Obviously, something happened behind close doors that lead Hunt to not get the fight at first, and then for White to pull a complete 180 and insert the New Zealander into the co-main event of UFC 160.Hunt would not give up specifics, but said, “I shouldn’t be treated the way I was being treated. I didn’t think it was fair.” Hunt went into a little more depth when he explained how the discrepancies were settled.

“I voiced my opinions about different things that I wasn’t happy about, and now I’m [happy]. [Dana White] said, ‘You know, I can’t fix the problem if I don’t what the problem is.’ He’s being pushed so many places because he’s got a big company. But I said, you know, being the boss of the company should know what goes on. I was happy he listened and then he fixed the problem… He’s a good person.”

At the end of the day, Hunt said he is happy to finally be getting into the limelight he believes he deserves. While he is not sure how the fight will go, he says he will be ready wherever the fight will go, and he could not be happier. In his words, “I’m so amped about it. I’m so pumped,” and that is a lot of emotion from the usually stoic former K-1 champion.

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