Call it fate, or call it just plain old bad luck, but heavyweight slugger Mark Hunt has had to face a disproportionate amount of chemically-enhanced opponents in his time in the Octagon.

And the poor New Zealander is pretty sick of it. So sick of it, in fact, that he’s pursuing some legal remedies.

As per MMAMania:

The New Zealand native is incensed that he shared the Octagon with Lesnar, who popped positive after their UFC 200 bout, on top of being granted a four-month drug-testing exemption prior to signing on with the promotion. But it’s not just Lesnar that’s got Hunt all twisted with anger. It’s the fact that he’s fought two other violators in Frank Mir and also Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. Hunt defeated Mir by knockout at UFC Fight Night 85 this past March at UFC Fight Night 85 in Brisbane, Australia, but Mir tested positive for oral turinabol metabolites, an anabolic steroid, after the bout. “Bigfoot” failed a drug test due to elevated levels of testosterone when he and Hunt fought to a draw back in 2013 at UFC Fight Night 33, also in Brisbane.

“It’s the third time I’ve had to fight a steroid user,” Hunt told on a conference call with Denning and his longtime attorney Michael Connette. “I don’t think the penalties are harsh enough. I don’t think it is a fair environment. I’ve probably fought more juicers than anybody. The difference is now is that I realized I can actually lose an eye or something and not be able to compete again. I know fighting is kind of hard and all, but when these losers are taking steroids it makes it even worse.”

So of course a lawsuit is in order…

“So, here comes Mark, who is already willing to fight anyone and let’s put him in against Brock, who is all juiced up. So, what a potential lawsuit would address is the actual occurrence here, but also a pattern of the UFC saying ‘okay, well we’ve got an anti-doping policy.’ And sure they turn it over to USADA, a third-party agency to regulate it, but they have no control over when these people get tested. There is a pattern of these fighters coming up positive and the UFC not doing what it should be doing about it after the fact to actually deter this from happening in the future.”

These waters are pretty uncharted, so it will be interesting to see where it all goes.