As he continues to heal up from his battle with Antonio Silva to conclude 2013, Mark Hunt is engaging in some interesting conversation with his follows on Twitter.

Recently, Hunt became a little irate while discussing religion with those on the social media site, and what followed was “The Super Samoan” calling into question the bible, including who wrote it and where are the transcripts.

Here’s some of what Hunt wrote in regards to his concerns:

Can someone answer my question who wrote the bible,and where is the transcripts they wrote it from.

Can someone answer my question please who wrote the bible and where are the transcripts they wrote them from kept.

Wow ask a question and not one person has any clue jus regurgitation of rubbish that was told to them by someone else,people talking about the Vatican yet none of u have ever been there,or know where these transcripts are,easy answer u don’t have a clue.the reason I ask this question is I would like to know,and when some of u vomit out rubbish about the bible u don’t even have any idea about it,or where it came from.jus some verses u have memorised but still u have no idea where it all began.

U talk about god like u know him her or it personally,but when I ask anyone of u if u have seen god,I already know the answer,the truth is ain’t none of u have any idea or clue about this subject,I also reckon ain’t none of u have ever read the bible Quran any of these books,if u did u will know each and every verse of it,and I know u don’t.i need to find the answers and I know I won’t find them here,thanks anyway for putting your Imput much appreciated.


Just as I thought ain’t none of u have any clue show me a picture of what god looks like.

Now I feel sad I ask all u to show me what god looks like and u all run for the hills.the truth is ain’t none of u have any clue.jus like u haven’t a clue about the bible.i need assistance please assist me I need to understand.

What is sad to me is when I ask real questions all I get is regurgitated answers and abuse,but I already know ain’t none of u can answer these questions,because u haven’t any idea.u can’t even show me one picture,or where the transcripts are that the bible was written from.oh that’s right cause u DONT KNOW.well it’s simple jus say nothing, it’s easier.u can hurl abuse all day at me I care not what any of u think I jus want to know the truth.

Again don’t refer back to the bible until u have proven it’s origin,show me where the transcripts are,stop referring to a bible written by a roman conquerer.u referring to a bible written by a murderer rapist and the rest of it.

This page is my page and it is not hacked,I simply ask two questions,1.SHOW ME A PICTURE OF GOD 2. SHOW ME WHERE THE TRANSCRIPTS THAT THE BIBLE WAS WRITTEN FROM. I have not abused anybody,so please refrain from abusing me.

I don’t care about losing fans,neither do I care about the abuse,I am so astounded that nobody I have asked has answered these 2 questions no pastor I have asked none,jus regurgitation upon regurgitation.i have always believed in something throughout my life,but all u so called godly people answer at least one of the two.

I ask legit questions and I get hammered by all u so called Christians and yet not one of u have helped me understand just abused me hahahahagagsa

Well thanks for helping answer my questions and the abuse Hahahahaha neither question was answered but the abuse tasted real nice so Christian like of u all,many many thanks good nite.

Wow close to 3 hundred thousand views and not one person has helped answer 2 simple questions

If you want to join in, or ask a question, check out Hunt’s Twitter page.