Let’s tell it like it is: Conor McGregor is going to fight the best boxing in the world, and McGregor has never had a pro boxing match. That’s, uh… a little crazy. And it’s especially crazy if you’re an athletic commission and that bout agreement has been put on your desk. Remember: athletic commissions are there to protect the competitors, so wouldn’t this seem like a clear-cut case of someone trying to kill the charismatic Irishman?

Marc Ratner used to run the Nevada commission before hopping aboard the UFC train and getting the sport legalized everywhere. MMAJunkie caught up with him and asked him about the Mayweather/McGregor match-up. Turns out, Ratner is cool with it.

While he gets that McGregor’s lack of pro boxing experience is certainly a factor in the equation, he believes that circumstances – and historical precedents – make the fanfare a justifiable one.

“It’s tough for the commission to approve this, there’s no question about it,” Ratner recently told MMAjunkie. “And I think Conor maybe did some amateur boxing, but certainly he’s never fought pro. You have to take that leap. I believe that it’s approvable in a lot of ways, because he’s such a good athlete.

“I go back to the late 50s, that I remember that Pete Rademacher was fighting Floyd Patterson. Pete Rademacher was making his pro debut for the heavyweight championship. So have these fights happened before? Sure. Antonio Inoki vs. Cassius Clay – or Muhammad Ali at that time. It’s a spectacle, it’s entertaining. I know a lot of states would say, today, that they would never approve it. If it came to their state, I think they would.”