Not long after Dana White relayed that UFC featherweight Matt Grice continues to recover from a serious head injury, news has surfaced that treatments for Stefan Struve’s heart condition are working.

In August, Struve’s management announced that the 25 year-old heavyweight would be sidelined indefinitely, after it was discovered he had a leaking aortic valve and an enlarged heart. Struve began taking medication for the condition, and in a follow up report from MMA, his manager Lex McMahon has announced the fighter is already improving.

Here is some of what McMahon relayed in a statement he sent to the outlet:

“Stefan Struve recently had a follow-up visit with his doctors to determine the efficacy of the treatment protocol he had been prescribed.

During his visit, the doctors informed Stefan that the leakage back into his heart has been greatly reduced.

Additionally, his heart is not as enlarged as it was, but since it is still enlarged, they are attributing it to a condition called ‘Sport Heart’ or ‘Athletic Heart Syndrome,’ which is fairly common in athletes who train rigorously for more than one hour per day and is generally considered benign.

McMahon added that the “general prognosis for Struve’s health is very positive” and that he’s been cleared by doctors to resume training, so he can be re-evaluated in a few months. In addition, his physicians are no longer recommending surgery.

So that’s some fantastic news for the “Skyscraper”, who has insisted he’ll be back in the cage after the condition was discovered.

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