It didn’t take long for the UFC to act swiftly, in response to the controversial submission win Rousimar Palhares recorded at UFC FN 29 (you may have heard about it by now…), and now the fighter’s manager has released a statement regarding “Toquinho’s” lifetime ban.

Here is some of what veteran manager Alexi Davis had to say about Palhares getting cut by the UFC, and how the 33 year-old welterweight took the news (comments via MMA

I just gave Rousimar the news. He was very sad to hear Dana’s decision. He is not a bad person or dirty fighter, and he is not trying to hurt people. Somehow, he just doesn’t hear or feel things at these moments. He worked very hard to get this far in his  career, and he is not going to give up on it. He loves fighting. This is what he does. He apologizes to his fans, and will work hard to resolve these issues and fight in another event that would be interested in having him.

I can understand Dana’s perspective, but I need to reiterate that this kid does not do these things out of maliciousness…He is an awesome fighter by any standards – dedicated, humble and extremely hard-working. He will surpass this bump in the road and continue on with his fighting career.

Chances are Palhares won’t be unemployed too long, as fighters like Paul Daley and Renato Sobral were let go by the UFC after ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ and were signed up by other promotions. If you recall, Daley was canned for hitting Josh Koscheck after the final bell at UFC 113, and Sobral was fired for not immediately letting go of the Anaconda Choke he used to submit David Heath at UFC 74.

Wherever Palhares winds up, chances are he’ll be one of the promotion’s top welterweights, as the fact remains he’s an extremely talented fighter. Will the promotion that signs him receive any criticism? Guess we’ll see.

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