Siyar Bahadurzada vs. Thiago Alves

The fight between Bahadurzada and Alves was originally supposed to take place back in July of last year, but both fighters were bitten by the injury bug. Now Bahadurzada is healthy, but he was out-grappled by his opponent Saturday night. Alves’ career has been up and down as of late, and another loss may find him exiting the promotion. Might as well make some fun fights while he still fights for the UFC, right?

Hector Lombard vs. loser of Michael Bisping/Alan Belcher

Lombard has made almost a million dollars in show money for his fights in the UFC, and that is not counting PPV cuts, win bonuses, signing bonuses ($700,000), or sponsorship money. That is a hefty price tag for someone who has gone 1-2 in the promotion. If he is to stay fighting for the UFC, then he needs to have a fight that will sell, and both Alan Belcher and Michael Bisping have called out the bulky Cuban before. Let Lombard fight the loser of their fight, because he cost too much to bury in the undercard.

Takanori Gomi vs. loser of Pat Healy/Jim Miller

Gomi should not have to go to the back of the lightweight line after his fight, because despite the judges giving the decision to Diego Sanchez, almost everyone watching live and around the world saw that Gomi won. Both Healy and Miller pose threats to Gomi, because they will challenge his ground game like Sanchez was supposed to. That is where the PRIDE star needs to be tested if fans are to believe his claims that he is worthy of the title.

Stefan Struve vs. loser of Fabricio Werdum/Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Struve said before the fight that he had a birthday cake waiting for him back at home after the fight, but he may not be able to eat it after having his jaw broken. Even though Struve lost the fight with Hunt, he showed some amazing technique on the ground, and he may officially have the world’s biggest butterfly guard. It seems Struve has to his chin tested in every fight, which Werdum or Nogueira could provide, but it would be more intriguing to see Struve have a ground battle with either one of them.

Brian Stann vs. Tom Lawlor

Stann was in a lose-lose situation in this fight, because either he knocked Silva out, which is what everyone thought he was going to do, or he would lose, which would have greatly hindered his title contender status. Now sitting 1-3 in his past four fights, Stann needs some time to rebuild.  Lawlor is lined up for a fight on April 6, but regardless of the outcome, he would be a good test for Stann. It provides Stann a chance to go out and fight where the pressure is off, and he can go perform to the best of his abilities.

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