Although most fans likely didn’t rush to their televisions today to re-watch last night’s UFC Fight Night 29 headliner between Jake Shields and Demian Maia, it was an extremely competitive bout between two of the promotion’s best grapplers. How tight of a fight was it? Well, not only was it a split decision that went Shields’ way, but Maia seems to be pretty upset about how the fight was scored.

While speaking to the media after the scrap, the jiu-jitsu star and former middleweight contender stated (comments via MMA

“Don’t understand the judges,” Maia said at the post fight presser. “My strategy going to the fifth round was defend the takedowns and score points standing, so I thought the fight was 3-2 to me.”

“I think the judges should make their criteria more clear, and the judges should go public,” he said. “A decision like this change a fighter’s life and these guys never show up. They need to show up. They need to know the responsibility they have with judging, and they should clarify the rules.”

Of course, Maia’s is just the latest person who believes the judging in MMA needs to be overhauled, but it doesn’t seem like most fans think he was robbed last night. It was just a really close fight.

The 35 year-old also conceded that “I’ve lost positions that I usually don’t and I don’t know why.” It could be because, love his style or not, Shields is ridiculously good on the ground, just like Mr. Maia.

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