Following a submission loss to UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones (15-1) at UFC 140 back in Dec., Lyoto Machida (17-3) looks forward to the tail-end of rehab and a new challenge. When questioned on who he would like to challenge next, former Pride FC, and Strikeforce champ Dan Henderson came to mind.

Eduardo Ferreira: Do you know when you’ll be healed from elbow surgery?

Lyoto Machida: Well, I believe in 20 days I’ll be 100% and prepared for a tougher training, that involves fighting, on which I can train my whole body.

EF: What are you expecting for the future? Who do you believe can come next?

LM: I’m waiting UFC’s suggestion. I guess in April or May, but in case it doesn’t happen I’ll suggest Dan Henderson, who’s a good guy. I know he’s on the line for the belt, but if this fight against Jon Jones doesn’t happen, I’d like to fight him.

EF: Is it a good way for you to get on the line for the title again, right?

LM: He’s a legend in the sport, a champion in many events, like Rings, Pride, Strikeforce… I’d like to test my technique against his.

EF: Now Rashad’s fighting Phil Davis and Dan Henderson is the next on the line. How do you see your weight class currently?

LM: I guess this event will define many things, where are things going. If Rashad wins, I guess he’s the next contender. If Phil Davis wins, I guess he’s gonna have to fight one more time at least. It’s hard to say, I’m also looking at my position right now and waiting for a bigger definition.

EF: People talked about you dropping to the middleweight class. Do you consider doing it?

LM: Well, I have other goals in my division first. But, who knows, in the future, after I achieve all my goals, I can drop.

EF: Can you make 185lbs easily?

LM: I don’t like dehydrating like people do, I always try to stay on my natural weight and I feel great that way. I train with heavier people and I see a big difference. It’s something I feel good. It’d be my call to drop to the middleweight, it would be a challenge, something new.

Source: Tatame Magazine