Much controversy has been made of Akido master, “Sensei” Steven Seagal’s role in mixed martial arts as team Blackhouse has credited the actor with recent highlight reel finishes. Lyoto Machida continued to give credence to the rumor as he told UFC Uncensored during his “Signature Moves” segment that Seagal had foreseen the kicks success.

Steven Seagal said I should use in my fight, said Machida. He was right.”

Machida admits Seagal did not actually teach the crane kick as he credits his original Sensei for that.

“I learned this move from my Father”

The same can likely be said for Anderson Silva. Though he had not admitted it to the press, you can go back to Anderson Silva’s Pride days to see him using the straight front leg kick that he used to finish Belfort. Not to say that Seagal did not in fact suggest using in the bout, it is obvious that Seagal did not teach the techniques, as both men had already learned them prior to his appearance in the camp. Of course the camp would then argue that Seagal helped refine the technique. Whether that bit is true or not may never be verified outside of the camp.