Following the recent loss to Jon Jones (15-1 MMA, 9-1 UFC) at UFC 140, former champion Lyoto Machida (17-3 MMA  9-3 UFC) feels that he now has a better blueprint to defeating the current champ. Should a title shot elude Machida, the former champ says he will reluctantly drop weight classes to the 185 lb. middleweight division.

Via Fighters Only Magazine:

Of course any loss is painful for a fighter. I lost but I still have three more fights at UFC and now my main goal is to be the champion of the weight class and bring the belt back to Para. Now it is a challenge to beat Jones and bounce back. We already know the path to get to him and in the next fight the things should happen with more ease. I wanted to thank the fans for the support. I know we gave our best and I know we did our best. We hired everybody we could but the result is not always the way we want. I think we always have to be learning something out of this and it is through the loss that we learn more than with the victory. I have been reading some messages on Twitter, on the Internet, and I only got to say thanks and say everything is okay with me, it’s alright, let’s go to the next one. I am a professional and it is part of my career: to win or to lose. I hope the next time we can celebrate together!”

“Now, I don’t want to change [to middleweight]- but if I am not the light heavyweight champion it really could happen.”

Should Machida drop weight, he has stated in the past that he would not want to fight his friend and training partner Anderson Silva. Is a move down in weight the best decision for Machida?