If Rory MacDonald takes out Jake Ellenberger at UFC on FOX 8, and welterweight king Georges St. Pierre defeats Johny Hendricks in November to continue his reign, the Tri Star camp could have an interesting dilemma on its hands. MacDonald and GSP are of course teammates and friends, which is why “Ares” continues to field questions about the possibility of him fighting the champ, even though he has a stiff test ahead in Ellenberger.

During yesterday’s media call to promote the July 27th, UFC on FOX 8 card, MacDonald was predictably asked about GSP and whether he might move to 185 to avoid fighting the champ (yes, assuming he wins at UFC 167). There’s been talk in the past that MacDonald might elect to do so, so that he and St. Pierre can steer clear of one another as long as the latter is champion. MacDonald responded to the question (quote via MMA Weekly.com) by stating:

“I’m just going to focus on this fight for now.  My whole career has kind of just been go with the flow.  Everything changes after each fight, so I’ll see where I am after this fight and assess the options from there.”

That’s a wise response as plenty could change in the coming months. GSP could lose; Ellenberger could defeat MacDonald, or, perhaps, MacDonald and St. Pierre might decide to fight after all. Of course, MacDonald knows that now is not the time to make such an announcement.

On that note, Dana White was also asked if the upcoming MacDonald-Ellenberger bout might mean more to the latter, since he doesn’t have to worry about the whole teammates fighting issue. White argued, however, that:

“I don’t think he’s (MacDonald) ever said he won’t fight GSP.  When that day comes, when he gets to that place where it’s time for GSP vs. Rory MacDonald, I’m sure that’s when Rory MacDonald will want to talk about fighting GSP.”

Obviously a couple of big fights still need to unfold before the GSP-MacDonald conversation really needs to take place, but MacDonald does seem better suited for welterweight. Tough decisions could be ahead.