He can beat them all says welterweight prospect Rory Macdonald, yet he refuses to challenge his claim against friend and training partner Georges St-Pierre.

“I think I could beat anybody in the division right now,” MacDonald told Sid Seixeiro on Sportsnet 590 The Fan on Tuesday. “I know my skill level.”

We heard Dana White say at the UFC 145 press conference. ‘Macdonald would fight St-Pierre if he saw what he had in his bank account.’ However, it’s about principal according to the highly touted up-and-comer. Macdonald credits his outstanding performances to his Tristar camp, along with training partner and UFC champion Georges St-Pierre in a mentor role. Many parallels can be seen in the  recent Jones vs. Evans debacle. Only time can tell if their story will take the same turn as UFC president Dana White believes it will.

“It’s about principle,” MacDonald said. “You can’t dance with the devil. I didn’t get into (mixed martial arts) for money … I’m not taking a fight against Georges. We’re training partners and help each other get better … I stick to my principles. I believe in friendship. I have to think more tomorrow and 10 years from now.”

For now Macdonald does not have to worry of a possible bottleneck at the top of the division as he is still one or two away from a title shot. His only concern now is healing to fight on his home soil in his next bout, which is very likely since the UFC has announced three upcoming events on Canadian grounds.

“I’ve got to heal my elbow up and see how I feel in two weeks. I don’t want to fight too soon so I’ll be injured when I fight … I definitely want to make an appearance on Canadian soil,” MacDonald added.