Former UFC light-heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida got the worst of it when he clashed with Luke Rockhold last weekend at UFC on FOX 15, but just how bad was the karate man clobbered. According to him, pretty badly.

Here’s Brazilian outlet Combate with an interview (translation courtesy of Google Translate, so whatevs):

In fact I was out of the fight at the very end of the first round. I think I took a blow to the neck, something like that, I felt an impact. From there, I was dizzy, I began to see things a little different … I did not have enough time to recover for the second round and came back that way. There was remembering it, I remember just after a few moments. I was no longer able to hear anything there. The second round I fought on automatic, automatic and called the ball forward. I wanted to see if I could recover there. Just so happened that, in one of our entrees, I stumbled on his leg, I saw the video and I stumbled on his leg, then as he started beating me there on the floor and I was no longer well, I started taking other punches over there and there really could not catch.

Machida has taken the loss in stride, and is pretty much no worse for wear.

Whenever the result is not as expected, we want to do something different. I certainly do a lot different there, some things I’ve ever seen, but it is difficult to speak now exactly what. I think this is part of life, victory, defeat, we can not get used to and feel that will always win. Other combat sports, K1, Muay-Thai, even judo, jiu-jitsu, it is part, you lose, you win. Have days and days. Have days you wake up well and can do their job, other than … Things happen, you have to think it’s a day at a time. I believe a lot in my work, in everything I’ve done in my career and ball forward. I’ll wait for an opportunity, but I think it is too early to be talking about something now. Luke deserved to win, has the merits of it, is a great fighter and I respect him.