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When last we saw Lyoto Machida, he was getting creamed by Yoel Romero at UFC Fight Night 70 over two years ago. Then he failed a drug test prior to UFC on FOX 19, and the former light-heavyweight champ has been languishing in suspension ever since.

But the greatest karate fighter the Octagon has ever seen will return at UFC Fight Night 119 to face Derek Brunson, and hopefully there will be no USADA interventions or knockouts getting in the way.

Machida spoke to MMAFighting about his suspension, and here’s one of the more salient parts of the interview:

“The supplements I use are pretty simple, whey protein, thing like that,” Machida said. “Sometimes we tend to judge people for what happens, but everyone is subject to this because many people don’t know that doping is not only anabolic steroids. It can be a lot of things, and anyone is subject to going through a situation like this. I learned a lot.

“I never liked to judge anyone, and much less now,” he continued. “[I see] colleagues going through similar situations, but no one knows what really happened. Sometimes you take a medicine for cold or something like that, you have to be careful. If you do something unintentionally and gets tested and pops, you have to give an explanation.

“You have to be alert, of course, but even if you’re alert it doesn’t mean it can’t happen because we know how strict USADA is. This is how I think today: I take care of everything, but I leave it to the nature,” Machida continued.