Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida confirmed a previous report that UFC president Dana White paid him a “personal bonus” for his 2008 victory over Tito Ortiz.

Machida, talking to MMA Fighting after his recent win vs. Gegard Mousasi, said he “felt like a hitman getting money from the boss.”

“He really did that,” Machida stated. “It was cool. I won’t tell you how much he paid me, but it was good money.

“(White) said I was dominating the fight and all of a sudden (Ortiz) caught me on that triangle. He said, ‘(Expletive), I can’t believe it.’ He went crazy, but then I got out of it.”

Machida picked up a decision over Ortiz, who White has had issues with over the years – both while he was with the UFC and when he wasn’t.