Some fans may have been unhappy to hear Lyoto Machida getting the next title shot, granted he was the last man to fall victim to the dominating light heavyweight champ. Who else has looked as impressive as of late though? Alexander Gustafsson has been climbing the ranks, but may not be quite developed to the point of competing for the title.

During the UFC on Fox post-fight press conference Lyoto Machida answered the concerns of what would be different should he fight Jones again.

“Of course he has a weak point,” Machida said. “But it’s very hard to say because Jon is an elusive fighter. All the time, he changes his style. Sometimes he kicks. Sometimes he punches. He’s got good wrestling. Maybe I have to train more wrestling.”

Of course Jones will have to get pasts the very tough slugger, Dan Henderson.

“(Jones) still has to fight Dan Henderson, and Dan Henderson is nasty,” White told FOX after the event. “He’s a legend killer. Jones has to get through him first, and whoever wins that fight will face Lyoto Machida.”

Another interesting aspect to Machida fighting for the title is the fact that he came in to his fight with Ryan Bader four pounds under weight. When asked the reason for the lowered walk-around weight Machida explained that he was just as baffled.

“I had hard training for this fight,” Machida told “I lost a lot of weight for this fight. I don’t know why.”

Regardless, UFC president Dana White stands fully behind his quickly turned around top contender.

“Lyoto Machida looked the most impressive tonight,” White said. “He has this fire in him. He wants it. He wants his title back. Everything I see in his performance, the way he acts, shows me he wants this title shot.”