When MMA was new and young and wasn’t even called MMA yet (back in the late ’90s it was mostly called “ultimate fighting” or “no holds barred”), you could open up any Black Belt Magazine or edition of Inside Kung Fu and read article after article claiming that this sensei or that sifu had uncovered the heretofore hidden techniques that would foil any attacking wrestler or jiu-jitsu specialist. Yes, it was one part delusion mixed with one part paranoia, with a healthy dose of the cold slap of reality thrown in, but damn was it glorious. Why? Because these so-called “masters” of whatever semi-ancient art they’d studied for decades were suddenly marginalized by the beatings that went down in an eight-sided cage. They were scared – panicked even – and those magazines that had been their monthly medium (remember: the Internet then was nothing like it is today) went from respected tomes of enlightening combative knowledge to fistic tabloids. It was glorious, I tell you! Glorious!

Anyway, Lyoto Machida is the most successful karate man to ever set foot in the Octagon, and he’s got a date with middleweight champ Chris Weidman at UFC 173. And he thinks his karate is good enough to beat Weidman’s wrestling.

As per MMAFighting:

“I’ve fought a lot of wrestlers before, and I know Weidman has a good wrestling, but I’m confident on the work I’m developing with my team,” he said. “I believe in my striking game against Weidman’s wrestling. He’s complete in every aspect of the game, but I’m confident in what I do.”

Please, Machida, please don’t make this into a karate thing. You’re a great mixed martial artist, and those MMA skills are what you’re going to need if you hope to survive against the man who pretty much ended Anderson Silva. There is nothing your karate has to offer that will give Weidman trouble. He’s not a wooden board, you know.