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Native New Yorker Lyman Good was supposed to fight at the UFC’s first show at Madison Square Garden, but a failed drug test derailed all that.

Now, after having served a suspension and returned to the Octagon, Good is going on the offensive against the culprit who made him fail that test: the supplement company.

As per TMZ:

UFC fighter Lyman Good claims his multi-vitamin was tainted with an illegal steroid, causing him to fail a drug test — and now he’s suing the vitamin companies allegedly responsible for his dirty test.

TMZ Sports has obtained the lawsuit filed in New York … in which Good claims he went to a Vitamin Shoppe store before his fight at UFC 205 and purchased Anavite, a multi-vitamin.

Good claims he failed his USADA drug test — which came up positive for 1-andro … an illegal anabolic steroid.

Good says he turned over all of his supplements to the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for further testing and it showed Anavite secretly contained 1-andro … despite the fact it was not advertised or properly mentioned on the label.

In his suit, Good claims the manufacturer — Gaspari Nutrition — intentionally added the steroids in order to “increase sales in the competitive dietary supplements industry.”

Good is suing Gaspari and Vitamin Shoppe (among others), claiming the store didn’t honor its promise to “enforce strict quality assurance.” He’s seeking unspecified damages.

FYI, Good was ultimately hit with a 6-month ban for his positive drug test — and he claims the whole ordeal has damaged his career.

We reached out to Gaspari and Vitamin Shoppe — but neither had a comment.