Fans and media alike enjoyed an open workout and press event in New York yesterday for Saturday’s UFC on FOX 15 event, which is to be headlined by a middleweight contest between Luke Rockhold and Lyoto Machida.

In brief interviews, both of the combatants in the main event offered their thoughts on the bout.

“My focus is on bettering myself and staying at the top,” Rockhold said of the opportunity to fight on FOX.

Asked about the match-up itself, Rockhold was typically confident.

“I really believe I can go out there and shut down his game plan,” he said. “Corner him, and make him fight my fight. Lyoto is dangerous if you fight his fight. This is not his fight, it’s my fight. I’m going to push the pace; and I have a lot of attacks he has to worry about.”

Rockhold mentioned previous Machida opponents who, as he put it, “pressured” the former light heavyweight champion. He described the ability to “hurt” and “cut angles” as key to victory Saturday.

“Shogun (Mauricio Rua), (Chris) Weidman, Jon Jones,” Rockhold recalled. “They were guys who could implement that pressure, and make him fear. Even ‘Rampage’ (Quinton Jackson) had some success. Make him really fear something (and) it shuts down a lot of his game.”

Machida described the bout as “a great opportunity. After this fight, I think I can go to a title shot.”

Asked to elaborate, he said simply, “Because I’ve been fighting. I’ve never said no to the UFC.”

Machida noted he was between 205 and 208 lbs during camp; but is about 195 lbs already, so will not have any issues with the weight cut. For the Weidman bout, he recalled, he was around 198 lbs during camp. He was around 205-208 lbs. in his light heavyweight days.

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