Sure, he was a star in Strikeforce and now a champ in the UFC, and yeah, Luke Rockhold fights well and gets all the girls, but you have to admit he’s pretty cocky.

On Saturday he headlines UFC 199, rematching with Michael Bisping (who he beat once before pretty handily), and in the media run-up he had this to say to Ariel Helwani yesterday:

“People do not like confidence,” Rockhold said. “People hate people that tell them what they’re gonna do. People hate that. It comes off as arrogance, whatever you want to call it. For me, it’s the truth. The truth hurts sometimes and I tell the truth. I don’t talk sh*t. Bisping, other people, they might talk shit. I talk the truth. Just because I know what I’m gonna do. A lot of these guys think they know what they’re gonna do. Few people really do know. And that’s what separates us. I’m gonna go do exactly what I said.”

“I’m gonna knock him out in the first round and he’s gonna have nothing to say,” Rockhold said. “Whether he had a full camp, half a camp or a weeks notice. It doesn’t matter. I’m gonna get my knockout. I’m gonna put him away. I’m gonna show who’s the better fighter, who’s the champ.”

Pride cometh before the fall. That’s all I’m going to say.