Two years ago Luke Rockhold trekked on down to Brazil to face Vitor Belfort, and Belfort spin-kicked him into oblivion. Of course, we suspected Belfort was injecting himself with Super-Soldier Serum then, and we’ve since learned that that was the case, and now a TRT-less Belfort can’t even last a round with Chris Weidman without getting pounded out.

And man does that 20/20 hindsight combine nicely with bitterness and a willingness to speak the truth.

As per BloodyElbow/The Three Amigos Podcast:

“Not that I didn’t already know, it wasn’t a surprise. He’s juiced to the gills, the guy pumps up to 205 and looks bigger than everyone out there. No one carries weight like that and transforms themselves. Vitor has been dirty his whole career. There’s everybody else and then there’s Vitor. It’s a matter of how much he’s cheating, not if. There’s a lot of guys that cheat, and then there’s Vitor. It’s just another level, he’s just on everything you could possibly imagine, and it’s been that way since he was 19 years old.”

Tehe. Belfort is a cheater, and now everyone knows it. It’s going to be fun watching everyone he “beat” exact their sweet revenge.